Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yet again - Michelangelo drawing

Can't get enough of Michelangelo. I love studying his drawings, he was so fluid with this rhythm, proportion, form etc, it's fantastic.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Scorpion King

Well, here's my latest invention. I view it as such because it's the derivation of thoughtful creative work. To create it is to become its master, and once you are the master of it, you are in total control. The main source of inspiration comes from an artist called Riven Phoenix, a very famous man who pioneered the Structure of Man DVD series where it radically improved my drawing skills. He had an awesome drawing called the Scorpion King, and this is where I drew my inspiration from. Using all the knowledge gained from his teachings, I was able to craft this drawing straight from the mind without using any direct source of reference, and for that I feel very happy to achieve this. I thought of three words, crab, man and scorpion and what you see as a result is the above. It took a number of quick/rough sketches to lay down the initial ideas as the rendering was the easy part (ironically). There are some things that I'm not too happy about with the finished drawing, but I suppose I can use it as a way to reflect on my mistakes and carry that forward with me. I guess the biggest dream is to perhaps see this guy come alive from concept to real life in say a comic book, movie or computer game.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Drawings for today

This creation really was inspired by the Finaly Fantasy-esque artwork. Ever since playing the game on the PS2 many years ago, I was hooked to the storyline, the game art, the music and the gameplay itself, and since then always view it with a great source for inspiration in inventing new things from scratch. The staff needs finishing, and certainly perhaps more shading is required to bring the character a bit more to life.
Studying Michelangelo drawings

Life drawing on Mondays

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another charcoal drawing

Quick 5min female figure drawing from the mind

Charcoal drawings

Torso sketchesStudying Michelanglo drawings