Friday, April 24, 2009


Ok, so here's my most recent drawing. It might seem somewhat peculiar at first but I can explain for you. I was watching a documentary on BBC called Bible Mysteries and an interesting story was covered.... David and Goliath. The famous story which epitomises the battle between the underdog and the champion. The warrior from the Israelites versus the champion from the Philistines. Now we all know David wins the battle with his trusty sling, but I thought it would be interesting to capture this moment of gesture... one that expresses his intent to hurt and kill, but also seek glory for his people. It's interesting to note that once I found a pose to work with + the expressions and hand gestures, I've discovered that Berlini's renaisance sculpture of David also captures a strikingly similar moment, but of course.. the sculpture itself is a true masterpiece, one that will live through the ages.

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